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I just want to reach out and tell you how grateful I am for you and your videos on YouTube! They are extremely informative, well put together, and so elegantly explained. It obviously helped because I just got my results back and I passed the NPTE! When I first started studying I felt lost and helpless not know where to start or what questions I needed to start thinking about. Then I searched on YouTube “how to study for the NPTE” and I found a few videos of other people saying that your channel greatly helped them and they were so right. I watched one video on your channel and knew this is what it is going to take to pass! 


I can’t thank you enough! 

Austin Martinka PTA
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I have nothing but the best to say about Jace and Elevate Strategies! This program was excellent for me and what I needed from an NPTE preparation course. She really took out the time to focus on my weaknesses, both in terms of content knowledge and test taking strategy, and instill the confidence I needed to pass this exam. I have taken different preparation courses that were over-populated with too much going on, so having the one-on-one help from her made things more clear for me and my preferred learning style. She is an extremely intelligent PT and instructor, whose content reviewing strategies were unlike anything I've experienced from other NPTE preparation guides and resources. She has a great way of making both easier and more difficult topics stick by using very organized and sensible methods, not through straight memorization but by "using our PT brains." She also is a very kind person who is understanding and compassionate, which is extremely important if you are a repeat NPTE taker. Jace brought out the very best in me and ultimately made the biggest difference in me passing the NPTE. I would not hesitate even for a millisecond to recommend her and Elevate Strategies for your NPTE preparation!

Dr. Enrico Sanchez, PT, DPT
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