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(5th Attempt)

Jace is an excellent tutor. She’s kind, patient, and always provides encouragement. Her study plan catered to my specific weaknesses, and the way she explained topics made it easy for me to understand. She also helped me overcome my testing anxiety, which I’ve struggled with for years! I highly recommend investing in her services.

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(5th Attempt)

Great last session! We basically did a big review of a lot of the topics we have gone over. Jace really helped make this experience go smoothly and she helped make it less stressful!!

(1st attempt)

Literally, I can’t imagine a better tutor. Jace is patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, and just has the finest soul. What a gift :).

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(2nd Attempt)

Jace is helpful and understanding. Would definitely recommend!

(3rd attempt)

Great 1st session, came prepared and had a good plan. Accommodated teaching style to my strengths and helped assess my weakness. Great suggestions, easy to talk to and had good patience. Thanks again!


(2nd Attempt)

Jace was great! She was extremely organized and caring.  This was my second attempt at the NPTE and she made sure to analyze my previous test scores to develop an appropriate study schedule/plan for me.  Every tutoring session was extremely organized and rewarding.  She always knew what to say to give me the right dose of encouragement when I felt a little defeated or if I simply did not understand the content. I would recommend Elevate Strategies to anyone who is taking the NPTE for the first time or for anyone who is on their 2nd or 3rd attempt! Elevate Strategies was worth every penny!!

(5th Attempt)

Jace is such a great person! She is willing to go above and beyond and makes the session enjoyable. I feel comfortable learning and interacting with her about anything. She brings a fun, positive attitude every session and makes me feel self-confident in myself. 

(2nd Attempt)

I can contribute my successful passing of the NPTE to Elevate Strategies PT and my tutor, Jace.  Jace is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of physical therapy, as well as the specifics on the NPTE.  I utilized her services after two unsuccessful attempts at passing the NPTE.  She helped me to analyze my strengths and weaknesses within the test, but this was simply the starting point.  She was thorough in addressing each area of knowledge within the NPTE to my satisfaction.  Within each area, we reviewed primary diagnoses, encompassing examination, evaluation, treatment, differentials and related practice questions.  On her knowledge and helpfulness in review of content alone, I would recommend Jace as an effective tutor.  However, what separated her from my previous experiences was what she taught me around test-taking strategies.  While foundational knowledge is essential to passing and practice, knowledge and practice around these strategies are what boosted me into a passing score on the NPTE.  In a test as complex as this one, being able to efficiently analyze a question, in the method Jace taught me, helped me to confirm my knowledge on a question, successfully take educated guesses, and eliminate careless mistakes and reading errors.  She did not let me down in her guarantee to help me pass the NPTE!

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