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Strategy Analysis

Work with a professional mentor to launch your individual study plan and NPTE-success RouteMap.


Use this hour long, one-on-one professional mentor session to give mentoring a try! There is no required commitment after the strategy analysis. In this analysis session you will work with a professional mentor to evaluate your individual needs and help you establish your own study plan to successfully navigate the NPTE. 

View the 5-step expert framework that forms your NPTE SUCCESS ROUTEMAP.

Hover over each step for details. 




We begin all NPTE RouteMaps with a strategy analysis. We analyze your current strategy. You are probably doing something right! We'll keep it. We'll also add the missing key strategies.


During this 60-minute online session, we'll provide the cornerstones from which you'll build your rock-solid foundation. You'll set off with a new RouteMap, consisting of at least two concrete strategies to add to your pack.



Now we solidify your foundation.


One step at a time, you hone each basic to expert-level mastery. This is the heavy ascent - the training - where you give it all you have. You'll acquire all the basics for test content and question strategy. You'll crystallize those key strategies from your strategy analysis. This is the most crucial step. For every test question, you'll revisit your strategy drills, because they are the secret key for everything you need to accurately answer any question. 



Start trekking!


We'll put it all together with real questions. Your basics are loaded. Now, learn to assemble them all together within NPTE-style questions. You'll move from strategy framework to strategy implementation. Practice, practice, practice. Then do it again. Your practice examinations will serve as your litmus test for progress. We'll advance the rest of your RouteMap based on your progress. 



Look up at the vista thus far! 


Break from the nitty gritty foundational elements and strategy to view the test in big-picture format. Understand what the test is truly looking for. Not all content is made the same. We'll direct you to a hidden niche in your RouteMap and reveal the main secrets for HOW to take the test. We'll focus on the most valuable pieces of the test and work our way out toward the lesser content. 




Time to make your final ascent and

conquer the NPTE!

Ready to start conquering the npte?

Schedule your strategy analysis session now.

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