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How to set yourself up to take the NPTE®

Usually when we think about studying for the NPTE®, things like “cardiopulmonary” and “median nerve” and “Parkinson disease” flash through our mind. Yes, the test content is extremely important because it is the substance of the entire exam. But if you start and end there, you’ll be missing vital aspects of approaching the NPTE® that ultimately could make the difference between a pass or a failure.

So what else do we need to be aware of when taking the NPTE®?

Your perspective!

If you come to this test without the right mindset, that is a sure-fire way to put yourself at a disadvantage. Let’s talk about what we do to put yourself in the RIGHT mindset, with the RIGHT perspective.

Do you know what a conquistador is?

A conquistador is an ancient knight, solider, and explorer that also doubles as a leader on a mission. Though this term usually describes someone from the 1500s, you are a modern version of those warriors and your current quest is passing the NPTE®.

You might be thinking “a conquistador is the last description I would use right now about myself, especially when it comes to the NPTE”.

That’s OK.

You can’t summit a mountain without starting at the bottom. And you can’t ascend without an energy-expending journey. What you CAN do is take one step and keep putting one foot in front of the other, for then you ensure that you arrive at your destination.

So today, your ONE goal is to begin thinking of yourself as a conquistador. You need a mission and a goal to be a conquistador, and although one of your goals will be to pass the NPTE®, that is not your true goal. Your TRUE goal is to become a PHYSICAL THERAPIST or a PHYSICAL THERAPY ASSISTANT. Most of you already have the degree! Now it’s time to pack up and get your license.

Start identifying as a physical therapist or a physical therapy assistant. Start walking the talk.

Each time you sit down to take another step in your NPTE® journey, think about the following statements:

I am a conqueror.

I am a physical therapist.

I have a calling.

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