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Are you serious about taking the
NPTE for the LAST time?

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Exclusive offer for learners ready and motivated to do what it takes to conquer the NPTE.

Elevate Strategies™ empowers you to become a clinician by passing the NPTE. Our proven methodology combined with personalized support equips you with the Success Strategy you need to conquer this test within 12 weeks without being stuck in a discouraging try-and-fail cycle.


⇨ Are you ready to finally pass the NPTE? 


⇨ Would you like to gain access to proven strategies and systems that provide a systematic method for answering each NPTE question? 


⇨ Would you like to escape the try-and-fail cycle while increasing your NPTE score by 50 scale points or more? 


If you want to pass the NPTE in the most streamlined format, without having to memorize new information or continue to get stuck between two answers, you will need a strategy!

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On completing the UAMP Program, you will…

  • Have a way to think during the test. You will be able to understand what the question is asking with a simple system. 

  • Use “thought cascades” to think through the question in real-time without relying on memorized information. 

  • Be able to apply your information to the question, cutting through the tendency to pick the answer you are familiar with or have seen in the clinic. 

  • Master specific, PT-based techniques to limit second-guessing, overthinking, and being stumped between two answers. 

  • See a decrease in your test anxiety because you can trust in your strategy and system for answering NPTE questions. 

The myths: 

  • You do NOT have to know all the content information! It is essential to feel comfortable and confident with the biggest and most valuable test categories. You don’t have to know it all!

  • You do NOT have to get every question correct! You are penalized when you leave a question blank. You can use the strategy to guess, even on a question you are entirely uncertain of. 

  • You can LEARN how to take this test, even if you are a poor test-taker. Anything is learnable, including the NPTE. 

What’s Included

  • 12 Weeks of Program Material

  • 1 Bonus Strategy Assessment 

  • 8 Mentoring Sessions with Individual Attention

  • 20 Small-Group Webinars (10 people or less)

  • Community Support Plus Accountability Partner

  • PT-Based Question-Answering Strategies



  • ​​30 Assignments for Accountability and Reiteration [value $500]

  • 4 Quizzes to Practice and Implement Strategies [value $500]

Start Date 

August 14th, 2023 (for the October 2023 NPTE)

Next Steps

Click here to submit your application for the final five spots.

If you are very interested but have a few questions, click here to book a call with me.

We stand behind the quality of our course and we are confident that it will help you prepare for and pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. We guarantee to keep working with you until you pass. You maintain lifetime access to the online program content until you pass the test and you can re-up the entire program (including live webinar attendance) for free if you don't pass on your first round with us. The goal is to see you succeed. This is contingent upon you placing true effort in the program and actively working toward progress.

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