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Online instruction
to NPTE mastery.

Advance to your career. Pass the NPTE by understanding what the test is actually looking for. It might surprise you. And it's 100% learnable. 

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Ultimate Ascent
Mentoring Program

Are you ALL in? Ready to conquer this test? 

Join our comprehensive mentoring program. It's independent, yet personalized, so that you don't lose the mentoring experience. 

Yet it's also community-based and strategy-oriented. This 12-week independent, intensive mentoring course will teach you to how to think on the test and how to take the test. 



Elevate Strategies™ empowers you to become a clinician by passing the NPTE. Our proven methodology combined with personalized support equips you with the Success Strategy you need to conquer this test within 12 weeks without being stuck in a
discouraging try-and-fail cycle.

You can't summit a mountain without taking the first step.

We take you through a comprehensive series to create your own



Individual Mentoring

If you're finding you need more personalized attention, think about adding on individual mentoring sessions with Dr. Jace Sattler. Her professional help can guide your specific struggles, whether you need deeper clarification on how to strategically take the test, assistance with uncovering where and why you're going wrong, or if you simply need live interaction to ensure you're not trekking this journey alone.

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