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Mentoring Packages

One-on-One &

If passing the NPTE seems elusive, think about who you are and how you learn. Sometimes we all need a listening ear for our specific situation. 

Mentoring sessions are designed to be one-on-one sessions with a professional mentor who can guide you to pass the NPTE. 

Each session is an hour in length and held online so that you can join from anywhere. 

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Lead Me to the Summit

I need serious help to conquer the NPTE. 


24 Mentoring


Post Up at Basecamp


Where do I start?


12 Mentoring


Navigate the Expedition

I need thorough preparation assistance.


16 Mentoring


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You are free to use your sessions as you need. When you purchase a package, you have those sessions to use over any length of time. If your test is rescheduled or you decide not to take it as planned, you can reserve your sessions until you're ready.

Choose your package based on the amount of time you have to study. Count the number of weeks until the test. Then decide how many sessions you want to average per week. This helps you determine the most appropriate package. 


For example, if plan on mentoring session twice a week and you are seven weeks away from the test, a good option for you would be the 12 session package. 

We recommend studying 8-12 weeks prior to your test date. 

The Mentoring Plan

You'll follow a curriculum to ensure you're hitting all the necessary NPTE categories.


However, this curriculum is tailored to your learning style and your specific needs. The professional mentor will help assess your needs at the first visit. You will then form a plan with your mentor's guidance about how to proceed over the remaining sessions. 

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Not sure yet? Have questions? 

Start with a Strategy Analysis session.

This one-time session does not require any further commitment from you. 

A professional mentor will work with you for an hour to determine your strengths and your deficiencies. The mentor will help you determine if you need content understanding or question-answering strategy (or both!). 

You'll receive an outlined plan and curriculum to get started on your studying. You may take this plan and apply it independently. Or use the plan within the context of mentoring sessions if you choose to pursue a package after your Strategy Analysis. 

Whichever case, know that you'll come out with something tangible to get you on your NPTE trek. 


We know you're investing more into this profession. It's intimidating to continue to spend to prepare for this examination. The alternative, however, is losing out on a career you're passionate about (and losing out on your earning potential as a licensed practitioner). 

We offer payment plans for each package that enables you to pay on a weekly basis. Each package requires a payment upfront for the initial session. After the initial session, payments are remitted on a weekly basis. 

*Call for information on group sessions and available payment plans. 

Payer Portal

Log into the payment portal to view your payment plan, update your payment information, and view payment history. 
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