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Individual Mentoring

One-on-One &

If passing the NPTE seems elusive, think about who you are and how you learn. Sometimes we all need a listening ear for our specific situation. 

Mentoring sessions are designed to be one-on-one sessions with professional mentor Dr. Jace Sattler, who can guide you to pass the NPTE. 

Each session is an hour in length and held online so that you can join from anywhere. 

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To access individual mentoring sessions, you must already be enrolled in our UAMP program (either PT or PTA). Within the program you will find the option to add individual mentoring sessions from Dr. Jace. 

You must be enrolled in our program because you then have access to ALL the necessary materials for your individual mentoring. You will need the practice questions, guided assignments, and supplementary videos to give the fullest impact for your mentoring sessions and conquering this test. 

The Mentoring Plan

We will form an agenda for each individual mentoring session to certify that you receive tangible and constructive commentary. You should be able to implement the gold nuggets of the session immediately into y our NPTE journey. 


To assist with application of your mentoring sessions, you'll receive all session notes and you have the option to choose to record your session. 

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Not sure yet? Have questions? 

Start with a Strategy Analysis session.

This one-time session does not require any further commitment from you. 

Dr. Jace will work with you for an hour to determine your strengths and your deficiencies. She will help you determine if you need content understanding or question-answering strategy (or both!). 

You'll receive an outlined plan and curriculum to get started on your studying. You may take this plan and apply it independently. Or use the plan as a jump start as you embark on our UAMP program

Whichever case, know that you'll come out with something tangible to get you on your NPTE trek. 

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