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What are the mentoring sessions like? 

Question 1

We meet in a one-on-one fashion online using the video-conferencing software Zoom. Each session is 60 minutes in length. 

Each tutoring session is based on your individual needs. However, in your first session you will do a series of practice questions (untimed) so that we can get an idea of how you think and answer questions. We will then develop a plan together. 

I already failed once. What can I do to pass this time? 

Question 2

The best thing to do is to figure out which part you are having difficulty with. The most common problems are 1) content knowledge or 2) testing strategies. Elevate Strategies offers solutions to both of these common problems and works together with you to determine the issue(s) and formulate a plan to address your needs. 

Do you have payment plan options available? 

Question 3

Yes! If you cannot pay for your entire tutoring package upfront, please contact us via email ( or by phone (719.881.0561) between 9:00am-5:00pm MST for payment plan options. 

How many sessions should I sign up for? 

Question 4

It depends on your situation and test date. Most students choose to do tutoring starting 8-12 weeks from their test date. You may choose how many sessions you want to do by purchasing a tutoring package. 

How often do we meet? 

Question 5

It is recommended to meet twice per week, but you may schedule your sessions in any format you need. 

Why don’t you offer a question of the day? 

Question 6

We do not provide a daily question on our website because not all questions are made equal! There are good NPTE practice questions, but there are also practice question apps and resources that do NOT simulate the true quality and feel of the NPTE. It matters how questions are worded if you want to work on your question-answering strategies. However, we do offer several practice questions (and explanations) through our YouTube channel. We also provide a FREE 50-question practice examination that was specifically developed to mimic all the NPTE categories AND these questions were written in NPTE question format. These are quality questions that take time and references to develop. 

What resources do you provide to help me pass the NPTE? 

Question 7

There are several FREE resources on our website to help you pass the NPTE. Check out our YouTube channel for helpful tips and tricks about answering questions and remembering content. 

We also offer a free 50-question practice examination (one for PTs and one for PTAs), complete with a sheet to input your score. Many of our YouTube videos also have practice questions attached. 

Other resources include tutoring services and group discussions. Tutoring services help you individualize your NPTE needs and create a thorough plan to pass the NPTE. 

I don’t see my question here!

Question 8

Please send any unanswered questions to or call 719.881.0561 between 9:00am-5:00pm MST to discuss any questions. 

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