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How to
the NPTE

A Proven Strategy that Teaches You
HOW to Conquer the NPTE

Elevate Strategies™ empowers you to become a clinician by passing the NPTE. Our proven methodology combined with personalized support equips you with the Success Strategy you need to conquer this test within 12 weeks without being stuck in a
discouraging try-and-fail cycle.

Ready to Conquer the NPTE?

Then you need a STRATEGY!

If you're struggling with the NPTE, there is a way forward. Justifying your situation with the response "I have never been good at taking tests" doesn't move the needle. 

Having a strategy does. 

There is a
specific and learnable strategy to conquer this test. 

Dr. Jace Sattler personally mentors you on how to approach each and every NPTE question (including questions you just don't know at all). It doesn't matter if you are a poor test taker. You can learn this! 

Learn the exact NPTE Success Strategy today (for FREE, by the way)

It's time for you to learn HOW to conquer the NPTE.

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you CAN conquer this test.

Dr. Charlie Shauf, PT, DPT

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I never thought I would see the day! I thought IF I would ever see this day, I suspected I was going to be a little ungrateful that this whole journey took so long. 


This victory is that much sweeter!


I stared at the screen for such a long time in disbelief because I just couldn’t wrap my head around the word PASSED, considering I got used to seeing the word FAILED 6 times prior. 


You opened my mind on how to tackle this personal Goliath of mine and to face my fear of this thing. I think I may have told you that I’ve never felt truly prepared for this exam every time I was weeks leading up to it, but this time felt different. I felt content leaving that place knowing that I did my best. 

“It is not the mountain we conquer,
but ourselves”
~Edmund Hillary
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