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Steep Mountains

Elevate Strategies

About Elevate Strategies 

Hello! We are glad you are here!

Whether you are here because you need to repeat the NPTE or this is your first shot, we welcome you! Born out of frustration with the current state of affairs, Elevate Strategies, LLC is centered around helping you achieve your career dreams to become a physical therapist (PT) or physical therapy assistant (PTA) by guiding you to a passing NPTE result. 

Everyone knows there must be a standard by which to license a professional. Yet as a PT or PTA, you will never sit down to 200 or 250 questions to do your job. Unfortunately, the NPTE cannot assess you in the physical manner in which you will be practicing. It must depend on assessing your intellect and thought processes without the ability to provide real-time scenarios from which to operate. The take-away lesson here is that the exam is NOT a reflection of your skillset and aptitude as a clinician. Clinical competence extends beyond cognitive information to include skills like care, compassion, patient relations, psychomotor abilities, and heart. You are most likely becoming a PT or PTA because you harbor significant gifts that go beyond didactic information - gifts that bless the patients you seek to serve. 

Though the NPTE may not be the best method to test your clinical skills, you know you must pass it to earn your license, and there is a knowledge baseline an entry-level therapist needs to succeed as a clinician. This is what Elevate Strategies, LLC is all about. We want to equip you with the tools to succeed. You have value to add to this profession and we want to help you realize your dream and become a part of a generation of professionals dedicated to serving patients and clients with your passion and expertise. 

Elevate Strategies, LLC offers step-by-step training for PTs and PTAs to pass the licensure exam. You’ll learn strategies for systematically breaking down and answering questions as well as ways to apply the material you study to NPTE scenario cases and questions. 

So if you’re ready, take the first step. The only way to summit a mountain is by putting one foot in front of the other. Take it day by day, moment by moment, and be surprised by where your journey takes you. You have to start somewhere. Start here and now and let’s conquer the NPTE exam. 

The Mission

To raise up a generation of physical therapists and physical therapy assistants who serve their patients and clients by looking to the interests of others. We carry out the mission through empowering students to transition to clinicians by earning their national license and passing the board examination.

Dr. Jace Sattler 

Dr. Sattler is the founder of Elevate Strategies, LLC. With teaching and instructing being her passion, a desire to combine her passion and professional degree kindled the creation of a program that transitions students to clinicians. Her favorite part of working with students on the NPTE is the moment the connection clicks - sometimes it is a student’s eyes lighting up with comprehension, sometimes it is an email channeling excitement at “finally getting it”, but the best is that PASS confirmation on her student’s FSBPT account. 

Dr. Jace is also a practicing PT in the orthopedic world. She loves linking textbook concepts to clinical scenarios to engage student understanding and to fuel excitement for full-time clinical work. In addition to NPTE students, Jace serves as a clinical instructor (CI). She enjoys finding the right method for each student since everyone learns differently.

Yet, she is no stranger to adversity. Overcoming a vertebral fracture at the height of her gymnastics career that eventually resulted in a back surgery at 22 years old, she knows what it's like to be on the patient side of PT. However, this diverging road led her to PT school and her career. With an anchored identity in Christ, she finds strength to challenge obstacles head on. Her hope is to inspire you to tackle this exam with great confidence and to guide you in overcoming what might seem like an impossible mountain. 


  • Licensed Physical Therapist (PT)

  • Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

  • Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT)

  • APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor (CCI)

  • Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certification

  • TEFL Business Specialty Certification

  • Functional Dry Needling Certified (TrDN)

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